Why us?

We deliver a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

The advantages of partnering with klutch are clear when it comes down to a campaign of many elements, where one particular job needs to pass through many different hands to become the final finished product. For example, instead of you trying to arrange stickers at one printer, drawstring bags somewhere else, gift boxes at another supplier and branded USBs elsewhere and then still trying to load your presentation onto the USBs and coordinate everything to arrive on time, getting an intern to put it all together for you and still manage to make the delivery in time for your media launch (phew!).

These items have to be sourced, printed, packaged and delivered to the media on time and within budget, but the clock is ticking, so you need our skills to pull this off for you, both seamlessly and in time. We will plan, coordinate, schedule, have produced and delivered. You can just hand the job over to us and we will ensure it is completed smoothly and on time, without any hiccups.

You will just have one point of contact at klutch, instead of ten in the industry. We are able to focus on managing the overall job and will always find the best specialist and most innovative new solution for each part of the job. We ensure a smoother transition and process during your production phase.

The industry is so varied and diverse that no individual manufacturer or printer could hope to serve the entire market competitively. What we do is find those key specialists with their diverse equipment and specialty; we then package it up and bring it to you as a complete solution.

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