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Why use a print management company?

If a car was manufactured the way a complex print job is produced, it would take months instead of hours to build the car and the consumer price would be astronomical. Automobile manufacturing is assembly line efficient, with one company tightly coordinating resources to build the car.

On the other hand, the print industry is made up of thousands of highly specialized companies, each with their unique tool and skill set to produce very specific products. It is not unusual for a complex print project to run through four or more manufacturers for completion.

The key to generating efficiency in a fragmented manufacturing process is to plan so that each transition between specialized manufacturers is done with precision. We would coordinate all manufacturing services needed for the project. This would be a huge value your company and prevent costly waste and delay.

Remember – printing represents your brand to your target market…

Using an experienced print management company can change the way you order print.

We help our clients reduce print and distribution costs. We manage the entire print and logistics process and ensure your brand equity is safe-guarded.

No individual printer can provide the best quality, service and value in all areas of printing, but we can use a combination of printers to deliver the best value for your printing requirements.

We are not tied to any set of equipment. We will place your project with the vendor that has the equipment best suited for your job.

We work for you, not the printing companies. We know which printers have the right equipment and know how to structure a job for a specific press to help you keep your costs down.

We know the best place to source every possible type of printing. With high volume and a wide variety of print work, our buying power enables us to get the best deal within the required time frame.

We’re service-driven

Printers are production driven. They have huge, expensive, hungry presses (with enormous lease payments) that they absolutely must keep running at all costs, so their focus is well and truly on production. And so it should be. We are service-driven. Our focus is on you.

We have a ton of experience and an in depth knowledge of the print industry, with a network of tried and trusted printers throughout South Africa, each with their own particular area of expertise.

We will highlight any potential production issues from the get-go and we’ll get multiple quotes from different printers to get you the best price.

We manage your print requirements through a comprehensive, quality-approved supply chain of print manufacturers, competing for your work.

Think of us as your personal print buyer. We take the time to understand what’s important to you, and then match your project with one of our print providers to deliver. If you’re new to print buying, we’ll help you avoid the creative and production pitfalls that eat up your budget.

In printing, finite choices of stock, size and thickness have cost and process impact on the printer, distribution house and courier. We ensure your specs are understood and communicated, and that lead times are adhered to.

From one colour flat printing to full colour CMYK process printing, from digital to litho, we know what is best suited for your artwork and budget. We project manage every job to ensure the utmost quality and to save you time and money. We do the chasing for you – we understand the printing process and we talk their talk – we have ink in our veins too.

cheers to trees…

Wherever possible, we choose to print on paper that comes from managed, sustainable forests. The paper we recommend to our clients is environmentally friendly and comes from reusable pulp.
We love FSC certified paper. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, the council that makes sure that for every tree that is cut down for paper, a bunch of seedlings are planted in its place.

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