Our passion is bringing brands to life through merchandise and with our inspired work teams, we push the boundaries.

We are a management company and direct importer. We utilize our varied and diverse equipment of our equally varied and diverse supplier base. We’re like a huge printing and merchandise company that can produce anything that our clients require: We represent the entire industry.

Like an insurance or finance broker, you can see the benefits of dealing with a management company and how these benefits can add value to your organization. What business doesn’t use the services of one or both of these providers? This is because they provide a superior service at a more competitive price. They negotiate and haggle to get their clients the best price.

Because of our extensive supply base, we can provide pretty much anything, any time. We exist as an outsourced procurement and production service to our clients. We keep our overheads down and our margins tiny, plus give you access to trade-only suppliers and the asian market, which means that the prices we get you are always less than the commercial market.
We therefore get you the competitiveness of the open market, but let you deal with just one organization, working as an extension of your business.

We bid your business for you by getting multiple quotes on any one job. This ensures your printing house or promo company is kept honest. We can also educate you on options that you may not have been considering. We provide you with the customer service that you expect (in fact, we aim to exceed your expectations!), competitive pricing, unique solutions and keep you informed of anything that impacts your industry.

Many of our clients approach us because they need to get something very specific produced in a very short space of time and they don’t know where else to go. They could undertake a lengthy search for the most appropriate suppliers, but being a corporate, they would need to open new accounts with the suppliers, many of which operate as trade-only suppliers. So, to free up time and resources, they come to us.

We possess the expertise, time and resources needed to define specs, select manufacturers and safely navigate your day-to-day projects through the production process, solving any problems along the way.

With our hands-on approach, we make sure our clients keep coming back for more one on one attention and unparalleled service. We ensure all your production needs are both accurate and fantastic.

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