the benefits of importing…

1.significant cost savings and ROI

Take advantage of the significant cost savings of direct factory purchasing through our global network of overseas suppliers. We’ve built long-term relationships and purchased great quantities with manufacturers around the globe, allowing us to offer high quality items at considerably lower prices.
We will negotiate the best price available, meaning you will enjoy a better discount than most of our competitors are able to offer.

When it comes to China, labour costs are far lower than in our country, so labour intensive work, such as sewing in zippers, pockets and gussets can be done for a fraction of the price in China. Even after import duties and shipping or airfreight costs, the overall expenses are still lower.

You can therefore achieve the maximum impact at the most reasonable price possible, thus leading to a better return on investment.

2. diverse product range

We can offer a high-grade and unique promotional product range at a great price.
We can create both original and customized promotional products designed to capture the essence of your brand, meet or exceed your marketing goals and set you apart from your competitors.

You can order a more unique promo item, dyed to your pantone colour, for a lower price than a standard off-the-shelf product.
Plus, you get the advantage of significant cost-savings and custom design through our global network of Asian suppliers.

Your company’s brand is one of your most important assets. Therefore the promo products you choose should showcase everything that makes your brand unique.

Today there’s no such thing as plain sailing. You have to be prepared to do things differently, and this is where we can help you.

3. for promo companies and resellers

If you are a promotional company or reseller, we can import your clients’ merchandise on your behalf. You will be able to expand your profit, as your resale value will be so much higher on imported promo items. You will also have a price advantage over your competitors, thus increasing profitability.

how we can help you…

Our vast knowledge of the import business and our ability to deliver low cost customized promotional products and other branded merchandise separates us from other promotional products companies.
We’re not just out to sell you a bunch of throwaway items with your name on them.

Rest assured that the manufacturers we use are assessed to ensure they meet strict standards for ethical and environmental issues, as well as production and management capabilities – we say no to sweat shops!

Your business will benefit from the klutch imports quality, style, affordability and service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Remember, it all comes down to planning…

With a small amount of extra planning, you can provide products with superior impact, at a reduced cost.
In business, the value of time can never be overestimated, and with promo products, even more so.
The benefits are significant and well worth considering when planning your next promotion.

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