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branded merchandise…

Whatever wacky ideas you have, we’ll bring them to life. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we can help you by recommending, sourcing and branding absolutely anything.


We help businesses develop thoughtful and intelligent merchandise that connects people with their brands.

We do this by taking the time to understand your goals and objectives in order to develop custom ideas and products capable of reflecting the forward-thinking nature of your own organization. We spend a lot of time researching and brainstorming product concepts, whilst continually keeping up to date with product trends to ensure your branded merchandise impacts your target audience.

We understand the complexities in producing bespoke items and ensure best quality at best price. We also understand the importance of meeting your deadlines, so every order is professionally managed until it’s delivered.

With clients ranging from local independent businesses looking for low cost, best value branded giveaways, promotional companies that just don’t have the time; to major multi-nationals needing a partner capable of sourcing, stocking and distributing high volumes of branded merchandise on their behalf – we have the multi-territory experience and infrastructure to manage all requirements. We’re not out to sell you a bunch of throwaway items with your name on them. We provide a service.

why promotional merchandise?

Promotional merchandise is a vital and well-established part of the marketing mix. Independent research shows rand for rand, promotional branded products deliver better value than almost all other forms of advertising. Research also shows that brand recall on promotional merchandise is exceptionally high. When used as part of a marketing campaign, the value and impact of branded promotional merchandise is second to none.

Branded merchandise, promotional items and uniform are often seen as commodities – a small and insignificant part of the channel marketing strategy. Choosing the wrong partner however can make the process inefficient, expensive and time-consuming. You need a partner who understands the relationship between you and your distribution partners and how promo merchandise can influence your target audience and have a great impact on your sales figures.

At the end of the day, Ideas are the real measure of our worth and we will guarantee the best possible price for our clients and our factory-direct lead times are always faster. This is only made possible by our experience, relationships, our advanced distribution network, plus our streamlined production and quality control processes.

Once you brief us, you’ll soon know you’re dealing with a team of highly experienced professionals who will deliver the best possible product solution, exceed your delivery expectations and deliver within the budget expectations. There are no surprises and absolutely no hidden costs.

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